Sound and cost effective joint monitoring and assessment scheme

Work package 4 aims to identify a scientifically sound and cost-effective joint monitoring and assessment scheme. For that existing monitoring and assessment programs are analyzed and a joint cost-effective monitoring network will be elaborated.

A study will be carried out on cost-effectiveness of monitoring methods using autonomous platforms (e.g. Ferryboxes, automatic buoys etc.). A Ferrybox system will be installed on a ferry travelling between Riga and Stockholm.

Data of all Ferrybox systems currently operating in the sea area (Helsinki-Travem√ľnde, Gothenburg- Kemi, Helsinki-Tallinn, Tallinn-Stockholm, and Riga-Stockholm) will be pooled together and analyzed.

A thematic seminar on monitoring and assessment methods will be arranged in Riga in 2013. Target group of the seminar is research community and institutions carrying out monitoring and assessment.

The expected results of the work package include a report on the gaps in the monitoring programs. Recommendations on updating of monitoring network and assessment methods will also be formulated. A joint scientifically sound and cost-effective monitoring and assessment scheme for the sub-region will be proposed. This scheme will be presented at a seminar where representatives of authorities will be invited.

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