Finnish Environment Institute

The Finnish Environment Institute (also known as SYKE, after the Institute's Finnish acronym) is both a research institute, and a centre for environmental expertise. SYKE's research focuses on changes in the environment, and seeks ways to control these changes. Our expertise is based on long-term environmental monitoring, wide-ranging research results, and the Institute's highly-qualified staff.

In the project preparation process, SYKE’s Marine Research Centre coordinated the development of Work Package 3. In Work Package 1 SYKE will support the project Lead Partner by carrying out partner responsibilities. SYKE will lead Work Package 3. SYKE will analyse the guidance on criteria, indicators and methodologies, collect information on scientific knowledge and data, as well as define data sources and needs to be used in developing indicators, and develop indicators and test them in assessing good environmental status.

In Work Package 2 SYKE is responsible for analysing gaps in information on pressures and human impacts. In Work Package 4, SYKE will participate in analysis of existing monitoring/measurement programs, elaboration of a joint cost-effective monitoring network, development of new assessment methods and development of a joint monitoring/assessment scheme in the sub-region.


Juha-Markku Leppänen

Ulla Haapanen

Laura Uusitalo

Jan-Erik Bruun

Central Baltic Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus
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