Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute

Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (RKTL) is the principal reasearch centre on fisheries reseach in Finland. RKTL produces background information for policy making, to promote sustainable use, maintenance and management of natural animal resources, to promote fisheries/fish stocks. RKTL assesses major fish stocks, studies the impacts on ecosystems, and environmental changes on them, and develops innovative assessment tools. RKTL has scientific expertise in all major fields of fisheries research.

In the GES-REG project preparation process, RKTL was invlolved with developing mainly Work Package 3, as well as 1-4. In Work Package 1 RKTL will carry out partner activities. In Work Package 2 RKTL focuses on analysing information gaps on pressures and human impacts in its field of expertise. In Work Package 3 RKTL focuses on increasing the knowledge base and guidance for harmonised use of descriptors, criteria, and indicators in defining good environmental status in food webs. In Work Package 4 RKTL will participate in analysis of existing monitoring and measurement programs such as data collected under umbrella of EUDCF.


Eero Aro

Ari Leskelä

Central Baltic Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus
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